Cryptic Ruse – Pineal Algebra (2017)


Style – Progressive Metal
Country of origin -: USA
Size [RAR or ZIP]/Quality: 102 mb | Mp3, CBR 192 kbps
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Album Tracks:
01. Null Space
02. Projected into the Complex Plane
03. Lost on the Co-Prime Grid
04. Non-Orientability and the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
05. Transcendental Branch Points
06. Dimensional Mismatch
07. Taking the Wedge Product of Night and Day
08. Excessive Hemispherical Synchornization
09. Decalcification via Entheogenic Scalars
10. Extraction of Corpora Arenacea
11. Setting Fire to Euclid’s Orchard
12. Ghosts of Topological Discontinuities
13. The Pseudoinverse of Melatonin Synthesis
14. Ego as Eigenvector

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