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Zeering – Buy Lottery Tickets with Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZING)

Buy Lottery Tickets with Cryptocurrency on  Zeering is an online platform to offer lottery tickets with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. They’re adding their own cryptocurrency ZING to the platform to empower lottery platform with more opportunities.

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Play Lotteries with Bitcoin – Zeering

Zeering is catering to one of the highest spending industry’s in the United States ($192 million per day) and is entering the market with no visible competition. Lotto purchases in the US topped $70.15 billion dollars in revenue for 2017. This previous figure is driven by the requirement that Lotto purchasers visit a retail outlet, wait in line and pay with cash only. A large number of people forgo their prizes because they lose, damage or forget to check their tickets. In fact, a grand total of 2.04 billion dollars went unclaimed in 2014, of which, there were 300 jackpot prizes worth over 1 million dollars consumers lost out on. Zeering users will never experience this problem.

What makes Zeering Unique?
 Quick Pick — Bored of selecting numbers? You can use Quick Pick feature to select lottery numbers in random sequence.
2. Anonymity — Worried to maintain privacy when buying lottos? No problem, we accept payment in cryptocurrencies to making your lives easier.
3. Auto-Reorder — We maintain history of lifetime purchase, which can be easily re-ordered whenever you need.
4. Favorite Numbers — You can maintain your favorite number, which you can order anytime!
5. Digital Currency Support — Zeering supports digital currencies to buy lotto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin
6. Donations — We believe contributing to charities. We distribute 10% commission from every sold lotteries to charity you prefer.

There are many other platforms offering blockchain lottery, but Zeering differs from all of these by providing tickets for official government lotteries like Megamillion, Powerball, 6Pick and many more! Zeering plays a role of intermediator between consumers and lottery retailers buying tickets on behalf of the customer. The customer makes payment to Zeering website using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, then Zeering staff does the manual purchase of lottery tickets and provides the scanned copy to users on their dashboard, this way Zeering allows Buy Lottery Tickets with Cryptocurrency.

Below graph represents ZING Token Distribution:

Zeeromg zing-token-distribution

Clipping here some of the comments from Winners of Zeering platform:

  1. People always tried to prevent me to buy lottery tickets but I never heard them. I believed in my luck and play the online lottery on Zeering regularly. I thanks Zeering platform for providing me best service. – Gemma Arterton, Mega Millions Winner
  2. Lottery with Cryptocurrency is awesome. I enjoy trading on exchanges and bring my profit to Zeering and buy lottery tickets. I recommend Zeering to all of my friends. – Tiffany Atkinson, PowerBall Winner
  3. Keeping track of winnings and purchased lottery tickets was never easy before. Thanks, Zeering for notifying my winning lottery. – Victoria Petrie, NY Lotto Winner

Do you want to become millionaires? Buy Lottery Tickets with Cryptocurrency now!




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