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Town in Australia started accepting cryptocurrency – Bitcoin in Australia

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Australia started accepting cryptocurrency – What is your first thought when you think of Australia. Responses poured are Kangaroos and Sydney Opera House. Now with the progressing era, it is more and more moving towards crypto entities.

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A local town in Australia is creating Crypto Currency Payment Infrastructure in Australia. Agnes Water, a small beach community in Queensland, situated five hours north of Brisbane International Airport Australia becomes the First ‘Digital Currency’ Town in Australia hoping to attract tech travelers and digital nomads in order to boost its tourism.


Australia started accepting cryptocurrency Agnes Water Australia Bitcoin in Australia

Travelers will soon be able to use TravelbyBit’s Crypto Currency Payment System

  • Bitcoin is accepted in Agnes Water, Australia. Gordan Christian along with his team has been serving Agnes Water since 2003 and has become one of leading agent for luxury property and offers a full service at Agnes Water.
  • Customers will pay for Agnes Water accommodation and tours using TravelbyBit’s Crypto Currency Payment System.
  • Mr. Christian will join by 20 interstate and international travelers ready to make the first digital currency purchases at the regional tourism hotspot.
An award-winning estate agent, Gordon Christian.

“I thought, ‘This is something worth having a look at. We started from the ground up, shared it with a couple of businesses and they were straight on board. I guess they were international travelers themselves and had heard of these types of payments. Initially, we had a good 10 businesses that just said, ‘Fine — let’s go for it’.”

Agnes Water, Australia Started Accepting Cryptocurrency:

Agnes Water is a Town is the closest access point to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, and naturally relies heavily on tourism for its economy and having around only two-thousand permanent residents.

The town has made a very strategic move in trying to appeal to a niche market to take perhaps some of those tourists.

The idea to start and launch Crypto Currency payment is as there are more than 30 local businesses, including restaurants, resorts, tour operators, and spa owners. They all have started supporting payments in Crypto Currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, NEM, and Ethereum, via an app developed by an Australian crypto company called TravelbyBit.

According to Christian, it wasn’t easy to sell the idea as the town is only having around 2000 residents and are welcoming new travelers.

TravelbyBit CEO, Caleb Yeoh said that whilst, they have businesses all over the country which use their platform, tiny Agnes Water has the highest concentration in the whole country.

Yeah added more while speaking that “If you travel around the world you have to deal with multiple currencies, the exchange rate can be confusing, sometimes you struggle to find ATMs, and sometimes you get swindled by money changers. Traveling with one global currency like Bitcoin … makes sense.”

Benefits of using digital currencies over traditional payments like cards and cash, BNE pointed to low transaction fees, exchange rates, near-instant transfer times and a complete lack of third-party oversight with peer-to-peer payments.

Gordon Christian was inspired by another local business owner Arty Cipak who wanted to accept Bitcoin as payment from a customer but did not know how.