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TORQ Coin – Crypto for Gold, Metal and Coal mining business.

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Crypto market is revolutionizing nowadays with new business everyday. Just like how all other cryptos becoming popular today in market one new crypto is founded.

TORQ Coin gives you opportunity to convert your digital assets to real valuable assets like Gold, Metal and Coal. As per their business plan they will start distributing TORQ Coins in ICO at $1.00 with discount of 44.44%. Their website suggests that this discount is in terms of increasing price in further round of ICOs. The last round of TORQ ICO will run with the price of $1.8 per TORQ Coin. So users will get direct benefit of 44.44% if they participate in early stage at 1st round.

Currently, high investment opportunity is available to only 2% of people worldwide with the cost of complex procedures and unreasonable fees.

Gold, Metal and Coal is the only asset that has never disappointed people in the thousands of years history.

Although the gold assets showed its reliability, creating gold mining project with the goal to launch mining is very ineffective due to traditional funding methods used from the banks loans nowadays. Such situation failed developers with promising projects and interested investors to get success.

TORQ Coin value will reflect a generated profit of the company as time goes. TORQ is an option available to anyone worldwide to invest into mining business of the gold, metal and coal. It eliminates intermediary costs, formal barriers, technical obstacles, and personal disclosure to preserve complete privacy!

TORQ solves the problem with the Ethereum based blockchain project, enhanced with modern platform which consists of developers and investors aiming to realize the gold, metal and coal mining projects together.