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The Right ICO Could be the Golden Ticket to Great Wealth

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An initial coin offering (ICO) or token generation events could potentially disrupt the investment ecosystem as we know it. Blockchain technology is changing conventional fundraising campaigns with a new business model that’s secure, transparent and accessible. The process involves raising capital by issuing tradable tokens.

Crypto tokens are not cryptocurrencies because their value is determined by the uniqueness of the ICO and not by market fluctuations like in the case of Bitcoin. ICOs use two main types of tokens when launching their campaigns – equity tokens and utility tokens. The latter type are also known as app coins. These coins provide investors with future access to the ICO’s product or service.

There’s another use for them, and if the business is successful, the investor can trade the coins on major cryptocurrency exchanges and get different coins in return (e.g. BTC, ETH) or cash. The core benefit for an ICO, irrespective of niche or domain, is that it can raise capital to continue the development of a Blockchain-based project.

The golden ticket to wealth- investing in the right ICO

ICO has been the buzzword dominating the investment and entrepreneurship markets throughout 2017. Many startups with great ideas have realized that launching an ICO could get them the capital they need to kickstart their business. E-learning, finance, healthcare and gambling are popular ICO niches many investors turn their attention to.

Throughout 2017, countries like Russia, Switzerland and Cayman Islands rose to stardom because of their record-breaking ICOs. Blockchain technology is disrupting traditional business models with new ways to raise money, develop a project and turn visions into reality. When investing in ICO, the key is to do it sensibly as not all initial coin offerings are the same.

Investors should first spend time learning about the people involved in an ICO. A rock-solid whitepaper and a well-crafted website are equally important. The crypto market has become saturated with ICOs on all domains and niches. Before investing, it is important to understand the concept and the target audience of an ICO.

Needle in a haystack

Considering the numerous ICOs and new tokens popping up every week, knowing which could bring steady returns is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The secret is to perform due diligence, know the ICO’s country rules and regulations, as well as main competitors (if any). The better investors know about the new business’s mission, vision and overall environment, the better chances they have to differentiate ICOs with wealth potential from scams.

In general, ICOs are trying to find a solution to a problem with their Blockchain-based startup. Whether it’s the next big app for finding cheap accommodation worldwide (and take down Airbnb), or developing the next-gen platform for private banking services, the options are endless. When investing, the secret to success is to understand the ins and out of the ICOs market, as well as the team and the solutions they claim to provide.

Sports betting done differently

Many ICOs have tried their luck at developing the next-gen of PokerStars website on the Blockchain. But there’s an untapped sub-niche in the gambling industry: sports betting. Players need a comfortable, safe and convenient environment, whereas investors need a guaranteed income from their bookmaking activity. An ICO that streamlines the process with a transparent, fully verifiable model and could revolutionize the traditional sports betting industry.

XWIN – a transparent, secured sports betting platform on Blockchain

XWIN is a transparent, highly secure sports betting platform on the Blockchain that uses smart contracts on Ethereum to disrupt the traditional online gambling industry. XWIN makes a difference by catering to players and investors. It provides a conspicuous environment for both players and investors that want to earn returns from bookmaking.

The XWIN ICO aims to develop a crypto-bookmaker platform. Its investors will receive a 20 percent commission from the company’s profit margin. To ensure all transactions are verifiable and transparent, XWIN operates smart contracts on Ethereum. Added perks include secure transactions, 24/7 investment control, sustainability, and confidentiality.

The economic business model of XWIN has tremendous income potential, with margins between six and 20 percent per bet. The funds will be used to award players, investors, as well as continue the development and improvement of the platform throughout 2018.