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Telegram banned in Iran – crypto currency marketing will be tough

telegram banned in iran
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Telegram banned in Iran, one of the biggest marketing tool for all crypto developers and project owners. Telegram is serving to 40 million users in Iran. It is used by many cryptocurrency project owners for best communication medium.

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Huge users drop – nearly 40 million users

There are 40 Million users using and enjoying the Instant Services. Russian Court legally prohibited and disallowed the use of Telegram. This public service educated the misuse of Telegram in the huge City-Russia. Former President of Iran and the current Supreme Leader Islamic Republic Mr.Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei expelled the use of Telegram.

Telegram banned in Iran – affected 40 million users

There have been protest taken in consideration of Mr.Sayyied in the Islamic Empire. Again he came in news by affecting number of users in the country to ban Telegram totality not temporary now.

The Russian Leader and Iran Judiciary protested by saying that the Citizen would no longer be using Telegram now. Instant ban of Telegram has affected 40 million users in 80+ cities. This news floated on this Monday itself and came published yesterday– 1 May 2018.

In accordance with the Press Agency there have been news escalating like accelerating of terrorist activities, anti-government protests and political unrest in the whole country of Iran, along with many other factors even.

There was temporary block on Telegram in January. The court orders says with enormous  grievance and complaints against the Telegram. The Supreme Authorities and Regulators took operations  to suppress the Messenger activities in the entire country from then.

These activities and legal actions have been planned in consideration of protect some securities and counter anti – terrorism in the huge Country.

Moreover the Supreme Authority and Legal officers have taken the set of actions to enforce every users to block the telegram website and applications. The system has urged and entreated all the Internet Providers to do so.

According to the Journals the big three Countries namely Britain, France and Germany have been demanding to prevent  Trump from abandon the deal battered actually  throughout his predecessor Barack Obama’s administration. A U.S. exit could broke the twist and knot by increasing economic pressure on every Iranians.

The Citizen are facing problems of TEMPORAY BLOCKCHAIN In the entire Republic.

VPN Usage to access restricted services:

The Persia official in western Asia suggested to prevent the misuse of VPN Software. There are many clients of VPN Software which is a Virtual Private Networks. Actually this provides encrypted links directly to private networks based abroad. VPN allows a computer to pretend as if it is based in another country. Very much Risky and unauthentic even.

Iranians citizens and Government Institutions have been Educating to use an alternative other Telegram Services. Government authorities are observing the behaviors with ban of  the Telegram. When Iran jammed the Government bodies from accepting the application by the state, media, politicians, and others in Republic Of Iran.

The modern communication application is an alternative to the Telegram amenities which is Soroush app. This is reachable/approachable to every platform and each service users effectively. The Internet Users can easily speak and make call and share the pictures worldwide. There is no such boundaries and restrictions for sharing in this modern communication application as telegram banned in iran.