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Tachyon (TYX) Hopes to Be Ethereum’s Little Brother

Tachyon (TYX) Hopes to Be Ethereum’s Little Brother
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A Tachyon is a particle hypothesized to be faster than the speed of light. Yet, in this case, it’s also now a cryptocurrency. Tachyon, with its futuristic fitting name, hopes to leave its mark on the Ethereum community with the release of its new TYX token. Its website, roadmap, and whitepaper were released just yesterday.

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With its fitting name, the goal of Tachyon according to its founders is to be Ethereum’s complement as its network continues to expand. And they may be on to something: With Ethereum’s positioning in the global market, via their Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, they are well-poised to dominate many sectors of the global economy in the future, from supply-side logistics to decentralized applications to corporate record-keeping. However, if Ethereum is the ‘crypto-fuel,’ what then will be the used to transact small amounts of everyday value?

This is where Tachyon comes in – the on-the-go token created for instant transfers, mobile payments, embedded tipping on forums, and online purchases.

TYX is unique in so far as it does not rely on an ICO model that failed us so miserably last year. A large number of the ICOs held on ETH in the past year have been found to be scams or money-grabs — and, to make matters worse, most ICOs have failed to materialize on their promises. Thus, Tachyon argues that they are averting the pitfalls of the ICO model by instead distributing TYX via an airdrop campaign where 5% of their circulating supply will be airdropped to all those who signed-up.

If interested, click here to sign up.

With an early, free, and fair distribution at the beginning of its creation, TYX’s goal is to be the easiest-to-use and the most fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain.