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The Mirror

Raul Midón The Mirror

Hailing from New Mexico, Grammy-nominated American singer-songwriter and guitarist Raul Midón has had an interesting career to date. The Mirror is his 11th studio album, which, along with his recent Grammy-nominated efforts Bad Ass & Blind and If You Really Want, reinforce his level of consistency.
The conceit of the new ten-track project — the mirror that reflects society back at itself — is far from novel, but the level of artistry and thoughtfulness on display make up for it. Indeed, the title track reps a smooth jazz flow that takes suitable advantage of his vibrato control. The project reveals its artistry with the straight-up classic jazz of “Cold Cuts and Coffee” and the Latin bop of “You’re the One” or “Deep Dry Ocean.”
Even the overly earnest numbers, like “One Day Without War,” are overcome with the more chill tracks like “Disguise.” While not a masterpiece, The Mirror reflects Midón’s staying power — it’s a reasonably good look. (Mack Avenue Records)

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