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Pantera Capital Focuses Bitcoin Prediction to be high within 12 months

Bitcoin Prediction by Pantera Capital
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Bitcoin Prediction in 2018 –  Pantera was founded by Chief Executive Officer Dan Morehead, a former chief financial officer and head of macro trading at hedge fund Tiger Management. Thus the dominant and superior Venture Capitalist in Crypto Currency is Pantera. Pantera Capital focuses mainly in cryptocurrency and specifically Bitcoin price prediction to be very high within next 12 months.

A hedge fund with a focus on cryptocurrencies trading, said in their April newsletter that Bitcoin’s (BTC) price of $6,500 was probably the low for the crypto currency, and that it was “highly likely” BTC’s price will reach above $20,000 this year, the Wall Street Journal(WSJ) reported Friday, April 13.


Bitcoin Flow Rising Predicted by Pantera Capital

  • Pantera is a heavy group who announced in March 2014 has shifted its Centre of Interest to bitcoin and other digital currencies,. In EUROPEAN UNION Germany economic locomotive, has been quite careful with crypto taxation.
    An Investment Firm has predicted that BITCOIN has entrenchen low market
    from its available Bear Market . Pantera cites a number of Elements as informing
    its market outlook.
  • The Printed Documents regards to Unforseen Excise Selling . Pantera says so “Come the spring their tax account tells them that every sale at a profit created a taxable gain with taxes due by April 15 th ”. The Panteras Group was formed in 1981 by the Abbott Brothers .He also convey the information that there were $300 billion of capital gains created last year 2017.
  • Pantera asserts, “suggests we’ve reached a local, if not global bottom.” The announcement also reports that there Least consequences on Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) Which  is said to be an independent agency of the United States federal government.

Pantera a Prolonged Expressions

The first actions of Multi Decade Trade was narrated by Pantera . He also states that “It’s highly likely” for the price of bitcoin to exceed its previous record highs of $20,000 “within a year,” asserting that “A wall of institutional money will drive” the growth in price. He also adds The fund describes the indicator as a “rare buy signal,” adding that, historically, “if you invested $100 on the day that the bitcoin price crossed below its 200-day moving average and sod a year later, your total return would be 285%.

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