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New Cryptocurrency Platform Offering Free, Instant Transactions

New Cryptocurrency Platform Offering Free, Instant Transactions
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Sydney, New South Wales– November 16, 2018: Elisia, a new cryptocurrency platform is currently providing lightning speed free transactions, allowing potential users to develop Decentralized Applications (DAPPS). The Elisia token sale commences from November 30th around 6 AM, GMT. The estimated token price is about 0.0001 ETH, and the overall token supply is 1,000,000,000 ELSA.

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For the past few years, there is immense competition between blockchain technologies. They focus towards arriving at a better output which could be in the form of a brand new project.

There are quite a few projects which lay special emphasis on safety, speed, and various usages of the portal. It is known that the users of Ripple primarily focused on financial institutions, whereas user groups of Tron focus only on entertainment. Few groups are token builders and mainly depend upon Ethereum.

Users can now create their own unique cryptocurrency with just a few clicks. Mr Tony Smith, the CEO of Elisia remarked that “this platform ensures optimum speed and security. Each transaction executed between a sender and a receiver is free of cost. There are no hidden charges involved. The transactions promptly arrive at the desired destination at a rapid speed.”

The Elisia management team is very knowledgeable and efficient in the areas of business, investment, finance, law, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with many years of experience.

Today, most organizations aim towards creating DAPP’s that guarantees maximum speed and security. The zero fees also enable a user to switch over from a single blockchain to multiple blockchains.

However, there are a few hitches concerning the blockchain. Most of the individual blockchain platforms don’t allow the migration of a blockchain to another, thereby preventing a blockchain from achieving its goal. In the coming years, blockchains are most likely to be defunct, which would end up in unnecessary wastage of resources and monetary wise as well.

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About Elisia

Elisia is a new cryptocurrency platform which is providing fast speed fee transactions to the potential users across the globe. The sender and receiver can perform online cryptocurrency transactions without any hassle. It is just a few clicks away without paying any fee or hidden charges.

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