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LEXIT ICO – Startup Marketplace for Entrepreneurs

LEXIT ICO - Startup Marketplace for Entrepreneurs
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LEXIT is a Marketplace to Exit Start-ups and Liquidise Assets thereof. LEXIT utilizes Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence to create an unparalleled business opportunity for everyone involved in Technology #LEXITco

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What is LEXIT ?

LEXIT is the platform of its kind allowing to participate on which entire companies specialized departments and their Intellectual Property – IP can be bought, sold and licensed. According to ICO Reviews this has become the first platform allowing the participants to trade in Intellectual Properties as conveniently and one can easily buy, sell or rent a car or real estate.

  • Founded Date -May 26, 2016
  • Founders- Maija Majamäki, Deniss Raider and Amir Kaltak
  • Operating Status –Active

CEO Message – Amir Kaltak

“Utilizing the platform approach Blockchain Technologies and an International Network of Business Partners LEXIT aims to increase the efficiency and liquidity of the corporate asset market in the same way eBay did peerto peer commerce and Airbnb did for short-term renting “

Who Can Benefit From Using LEXIT?

Sellers– These are the individuals who own a company, IP, patent, and wish to sell it in a completely decentralized manner. Through the use of the LEXIT platform, sellers are able to interact with potential investors, assessors and other individuals so as to not only test the waters but to also make a tangible sale that can be profitable for both parties.

Buyers– As the name suggests, these are the users who are looking to purchase IP, digital/physical assets or even companies so as to expand their businesses. According to ICO Views the LEXIT interface, they can request information from sellers and then make an informed choice as to whether they would like to go ahead with the investment or not.

Assessors– These people are third-party intermediaries that can help provide sellers and buyers with specialized expertise in regards to the value of the goods at hand (patents, IP’s, start-upsetc.). In addition to this, they can also help in performing “due diligence” by looking at company books, as well as help with the drafting of.

  • Purchase agreements
  • Legal documents pertaining to specific jurisdictions.

LEXIT Funds Allocation

According to the official company whitepaper, the distribution of revenue will be as follows-

  • 50% of all raised funds will be used to power the token sale.
  • 15% of the money has been set aside for the creation of a “rewards pool”.
  • 5% will be reserved for company advisors.
  • 10% will be given to company partners and other such individuals who have backed the project since its infancy.
  • The remaining 20% will be used by company personnel and project founders.

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