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Israel Bitcoin Scam – Money Laundering Scam – 1000 Bitcoins seized

Israel Bitcoin Scam
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Israel Money Laundering Scam – Shocking for Bitcoin Lovers! Stock Market Corrections and very painful situations. 1000 Bitcoins seized in israel Money Laundering Scam.

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Israel Bitcoin Scam

Another money laundering case on Monday, 23rd May-2018- A Resident of Hebron is accused of huge credit card frauds and Bitcoin for more than 8 Million through Bitcoin Networks.

The Cyber Crime department of Israel indicted local resident Hilmi Git on Monday for allegedly using over 800 Israeli credit cards to carry out 20,000 fraudulent transactions and laundering the money using Bitcoin in Israel Bitcoin Scam.

Hilmi Git is not at all hesitant to commit fraudulent offenses against innocent victims.

Git’s quoted by saying to Calcalist Magazine/Outletthat “We are thieves. Anywhere we can take money, we’ll take it, whether it’s from Israel, the US, or even the moon and he is involved in Stock Market.”

The formal charged, filed in the Tel Aviv district courts, alleges that the transactions they claim Git made amount to over $280,000 and that he laundered over $8 million over the course of ten years. The $8 million dollars was stored in the form of Bitcoin, and the state seized at least 1,071 BTC — funds that will be confiscated pending conviction.

Criminal Enterprise

  1. Git started its first set up in the year 2008 and his operation involved over 800 Israeli credit cards. He covered almost over 10 Years in such a massive fraudulent.
  2. The reports of the scamming also described that Git arranged many different set-ups and guides on the websites providing information and tools enabling users to break into computers and remotely access funds and their private information.
  3. Git ran a scam offering cheap mobile phones online in which customers paid for phones and were then he blocks from them from his site eventually with messages written in their name providing false confirmation that they had received their goods. This was termed as a “Credit Card Fraud.” This incites that he would then take over the user’s profile and post messages in their name seeming to confirm receipt of their goods, luring in more victims.

Bitcoin Auction Scam

There are several auctions of Bitcoins held every year. There are many countries who have already handled illicit Bitcoins in the same way.

USA-The State Prosecutor claims June 14th, 2017 and marks that there was an order passed in which the US Government plans to sell $10Million Captured CryptoCurrency. The US Attorney Office in the state of Utah agreed to quickly to sell the 513.1490393 Bitcoins worth approximately $8.7 million at current prices. The prices were worth only $500,000 at the time of the arrest.

As per the court documents, US District Judge – Dale Kimball said Aaron Shamo along with his partner Drew W. Crandal was accused responsible for selling fake prescription drugs on a dark web marketplace.

The Court Order in the US revealed that court order:

“The BTC and BCH have been transferred to a government wallet. Due to the volatile market for Crypto Currencies, the BTC and BCH risk losing value during the pendency of the forfeiture proceedings … For these reasons, the United States seeks an interlocutory sale.”

South Korea-Country auctioned off 216 Bitcoins seized in from alleged cybercriminals in 2017 after the US Auction. The prices cost of Bitcoins worth $518,000. According to the Seoul Economic Times the South Korean government and The Korea Asset Management Corporation –KAMCO plans to auction of 216 Bitcoins.

In a statement, the Government said Israel Bitcoin Scam-

“With the exception of currencies, assets and securities are auction-able by the South Korean government. Although it is the first auction involving a digital currency overseen by the South Korean government, investors and the public can consider Bitcoin as an asset that changes in value over time.”