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Increasing need for Bitcoin and Blockchain Skills

Increasing need for Bitcoin and Blockchain Skills
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Increasing need for Bitcoin and Blockchain Skills

The amount of interest and attention that the crypto industry is gaining is nothing short of astronomical! With Bitcoin trading close to the $7000 mark,it’s not hard to see why. The currency has grown by more than 500%, with that trend not seeming to decline anytime soon.

It’s no surprise then that big corporations are hurrying to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon. CME,the world’s largest futures exchange, has recently announced that they will be launching a Bitcoin features product by the end of this year,followed closely by a similar announcement from Cboe,who also plan to launch in the last quarter of 2017.This will allow for easy investment through Bitcoin ETFs, which will most likely be backed by these futures.

Blockchain technology is also high up on everyone’s wish list. Even though it is used to process transactions for cryptocurrencies, it can do so much more. Blockchain advocates have said that the technology could increase the efficiency of businesses by essentially cutting out the middleman.

This desire to incorporate both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into business has resulted in an increase in demand for freelancers with this specific skill set. Based on data obtained from one of the world’s largest freelance platforms, Up-work, Blockchain and Bitcoin-related skills were the second and third fastest-growing skills on the platform.

The top 10 fastest-growing skills are:

1. Robotics

2. Blockchain

3. Bitcoin

4. Penetration testing

5. React.js development

6. Amazon Web Service Lambda

7. Augmented reality

8. Deep learning

9. Instagram marketing

10. Final Cut Pro X

Based on comparisons between the third quarter of this year and last year, all of these skills increased by more than 200%.

This is just one platform, albeit a popular one. The growth in the industry as a whole, and the efforts to legitimize it in the real world, show that this market is only going to go from strength to strength.

As with most factors in business, where there is a demand, there needs to be a supply. A lot of focus may sometimes be put on investing in cryptocurrency, or even starting your own currency. It might do well to remember that established companies will need individuals who might not be investing in the industry, but who still understand it.