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Future of Ethereum cryptocurrency in 2020

Future of Ethereum cryptocurrency in 2020
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Ethereum in 2020 Recently According to News – Sharding, a much-anticipated Ethereum scaling solution, could be implemented as soon as 2020, Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake. He also acknowledged that if the team were able to start afresh, they would be able to implement numerous features that would significantly help with scaling, but added that the problem was “fundamentally hard” either way.

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Ethereum in 2020

Back in 2013, when GHash had 51 percent everybody freaked out. It’s happening a second time and people aren’t really talking about it this much,” Buterin said. And it’s true that if you look at Bitmain alone, the company is edging toward 51 percent of network hash rate.

Vitalik Releases a partial proof concept About Ethereum Sharding TechThe Sharded Ethereum will likely contain around 100 shards, each with as much capacity, “and likely more,” the developer wrote, than the main Ethereum Block Chain. The sharding approach aims to split Ethereum into several concurrent networks, allowing the network as a whole to scale more efficiently. This would help ease the congestion the network faces, thereby increasing transaction speeds and lowering costs.He was surprisingly balanced and stated multiple times that everyone has different needs and it’s hard to live in a world where everything is centralized or decentralized.

The Centralised System

The centralized exchanges exist because they serve as an interface between the fiat world and the Crypto Currencies. “And the fiat world only has centralized gateways.

Guidelines by Vitalik at Conference on 6TH June

Block Chain Technology and Crypto Trading – The main reason for his viewpoint is precisely the same as that he has to criticize the centralization of Block Chains and any technology in general. The abuse of power – potential or real – is one of his main concerns. The only reason why he believes these exchanges exist is to serve as a man-in-the-middle between crypto value and fiat value. However, in the event of a global adoption of Crypto Currencies, the standard of crypto to crypto exchanges should aim at decentralization.

According to Him –

  • Even Plasma chains are a better way to make that compromise. You get the efficiency of a centralized server, almost the same code of a centralized server, but a public Block Chain fall back in case the centralized server ends up failing.
  • The growth of the communities definitely depends on what the earliest members believe. I think it is something where we do make a deliberate effort to basically promote the right values and attract the right people both in an inclusive sense and in an exclusive sense.
  • I definitely hope centralized exchanges go burn in hell as much as possible. In particular, he thinks there’s no reason some projects need to pay $10 to $15 million in listing fees to let people trade their tokens on centralized exchanges.

His Vision – his vision is translated into the public’s conception of the importance of decentralization. For Buterin now that crypto has a larger user base, such concern does not seem to be a major focus.


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