Daedric Tales – The Divine Menace (2017)

Style – Symphonic Power Metal (Female Vocal)
Country of origin -: Austria
Size [RAR or ZIP]/Quality: 117 mb | MP3 320 Kbps (Flac-Rip)
Artist Information

Daedric Tales’ first album will feature star guests such as Georg Neuhauser (Serenity), Morean (Dark Fortress, Alkaloid, Noneuclid), Ross Thompson (Van Canto) and Nele Messerschmidt (Elvellon). Music about the Elder Scrolls saga, a series of action role-playing video games

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Album Tracks:
01. Son of Storms
02. Planes of Oblivion
03. Chapter III: The Elven Era
04. Chapter IV: The Red Mountain
05. Chapter V: Shattered Alliances
06. Demonic Twilight
07. Seven Companions
08. Catalyst
09. Chapter VI: Sleepers Awake
10. Chapter VII: Child of Moon and Star
11. Chapter VIII: The Divine Menace
12. Lament for the High King

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