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Cryptocurrency Tax in India may decide 18% from July 2018

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Cryptocurrency Tax in India may decide 18% from July 2018. This is typically another entity but GST has incurred in Trading. Tax on Crypto Currency Trading Starting July 2018. Income Tax on Bitcoin is legal in India.

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Cryptocurrency Tax in India, Is Bitcoin Legal in India?

Yet the Bitcoin isn’t legal in india, but the cryptocurrency Tax is going to be applied from July. The Government of India may soon give a glimmer of hope to Crypto Currency investors after months of propagating a negative agenda against the digital asset class.

According to the local sources Bloomberg Quint reports that India has to experience the Goods and Service Tax on Crypto Trading and Mining from now- 2018.

India hasn’t fully banned and or took the decision to legalize CryptoCurrency. Even today also the Income Tax Department also issued notices to Crypto Currency traders and is trying to recover dues.

 The Indian Governments talks about Bitcoin Tax.

The Sources in inside came out and explained that The Reserve Bank of India banned local banks from dealing with the crypto-oriented company. In April 2018, the RBI of India practically killed the CryptoCurrency industry in the country.

  • The Crypto Coins/Digital Forms are considered and classified under intangible sources and so it is used in illegal activities and point of risk involved.
  • And if the tax proposal is indeed implemented, it might suggest that Crypto Currencies will enter the legal area.

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs has examined and asked the traders to apply GST as this Virtual Trading is in the intangible state.

Even there is lack of clarity in India about the legal status/process and procedure but there are concerns who will direct and give knowledge on this matter.

As discussed the matter with Media- India has to perceive Goods and Services Tax

  • All the users, Miners, Crypto Currency wallets, wallet providers, and Crypto Currency exchanges will also have to register under GST- Good and Services Act.
  • Indians choose to use foreign crypto exchanges, then they are implied to pay IGST-Integrated Good and Services Tax.

The most serious part of this proposal is that it may also be a retroactive measure demanding payments for past actions. This will give effect on the things which is previously done and implemented.

The information has revealed that this levy of tax could have imposed last year July-2017.But somehow the implications has been determined and the decision has been taken that crypto traders would be taxed for every trade they make and that crypto miners would lose 18% of the mining rewards.

The value of the CryptoCurrency would be based on the transaction value in Rupees. Bitcoin mining would be deemed as a supply of services as the miners receive the Bitcoin which would be classified as property. Furthermore, if the reward is over Rs 20 lakh ($30,000) then the miner will have to register under GST. Mining rewards are currently around $100,000, but depend on market value and are set to halve in 2020.

The Government is truly thinking to consider Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum might be classified as intangible good and impose 18 percent tax once the Draft is completed.

According to the proposal

  1. Purchase or sale of Crypto Currencies should be considered as supply of goods, and those facilitating transactions like supply, transfer, storage, accounting, among others, will be treated as services.
  2. Value of a Crypto Currency may be determined based on the transaction value in rupees or the equivalent of any freely convertible foreign currency.
  • If buyers and sellers are in India, the transaction would be treated as a supply of software and the buyer’s location will be the place of supply.
  1. For transfer and sale, the location of the registered person will be the place of supply. However, for sale to non-registered persons, the location of the supplier would be considered as the place of supply.
  2. Transactions beyond the Indian Territory will be liable for integrated GST, and would be considered as import or export of goods. IGST will be levied on cross-border supplies.


Markets and open space like Crypto Currency are extremely volatile. There are few sides of Crypto Currency and one can be much fortunate also. And there is always a chance that one might crash still losing everything in a fortnight is pretty impossible also.

The rise of the CryptoCurrency market is undeniably lucrative for users and governments alike, as it can represent huge monetary gains in a short period owing to the asset’s volatility and the sector’s nascence.  Indian Crypto Currency exchanges reported a turnover of Rs.200 crore ($30 million) in 2018 – equating to Rs.36 crore ($5.5 million) in potential tax gains for the government.

As Crypto Stock Market is widely popular so beginning to trade to simple and

Crypto World would soon become the secure investment with life-long value locked in Cryptocurrency tax in india.


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