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Crypto Kitties stealing Trade and Commerce Secrets – Case Filed

Crypto Kitties stealing Trade case
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Crypto Kitties are becoming very popular, its DApp made on Ethereum blockchain where users can own virtual kitties and make a trade. Makers of Crypto Kitties are recently sued for stealing Trade and eCommerce Secret. It is a decentralized trading so money makes money and following such a footstep a news came 13 hours before. Ethereum has become the second largest and confident Virtual Coins.

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Crypto Kitties Maker Sued for Stealing Trade Secrets

Crypto Kitties stealing Trade Secret – Celebrity theme Crypto Kitties inMarch raised $12 million in Series. At Vancouver, Axiom Zen – the Corporate Company which built videos games on a web application -Ethereum DApp CryptoKitties which are having smart contracts deployed on Block-Chain, has been hit with a lawsuit for allegedly violating a non-disclosure agreement and stealing trade secrets.

The video games are blowing up like anything and have gained much volume in short span of time.

The page at CAT NAP explains that there are around 1000 Active Users at EthereumDAppevery day.

Court – approved seal by expressing: 

“In fact, since Axiom received Starcoin’s confidential information, two investors who had previously expressed interest in Starcoin — such as CAA Ventures and Digital Currency Group — have now passed on investing opportunities offered by Starcoin, and instead they have both funded Axioms.”


The Lawsuit clearly sued to violate a non-disclosure settlement and stealing commercial secrets and techniques. These discussions were allegedly protected by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), a copy of which was included in the court documents. It would be the replica copy which was present at the time of the court.

Every time some unique things are happening in Trading Eco World and suddenly theft occurs eventually. The Lawsuit alleges that they have filed last week in US District Court for the Southern District of California by San Diego-based Company Starcoin (which operates under the name Tradestar).

In accordance with REPORTS is claimed that Tradestar and Axiom Zen discussed confidential trade secrets during a series of email communications in February 2018.

After such news in their reports also says that CryptoKitties has very quietly and recently suspended the CurryKitties promotion. The promotion and event earlier this month was launched in regards users for purchasing limited edition digital cats modeled after the likeness of NBA superstar Stephen Curry. The Companies together released three CurryKitties modeled.

Axiom Zen did not immediately respond immediately.

Carrying the vast Product knowledge Jevon Feinblatt revaluates below:

Jevon Feinblatt CEO of Tradestar quotes –“The Claim imposed on him and his company does not actually make any sense.” Axiom Zen said that the suit had “no merit.”

“We have been falsely accused of breaching an NDA and believe the lawsuit has no merit. Axiom Zen is a company that is committed to ethical and responsible work, including ownership and protection of data,” the statement read, adding in a follow up email that “the two instances are unrelated. We suspended the Curry Kitties auction for reasons prior to and separate from recent events.”

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