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CrowdIF ICO – Smart Cryptocurrency Investing Intelligence

CrowdIF ICO - Smart Cryptocurrency Investing Intelligence
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CrowdIF is a path-breaking, first-of-its-kind Crypto Currency trading platform which is capable of harnessing the power of the Collective Intelligence of the Crowd and includes it in a major way in its crypto-trading strategy.

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What is CrowdIF?

CrowdIF is the only crypto trading platform which is capable of objectively gathering something as abstract as market sentiment and quantify it. We call this quantified market sentiment – The Sentiment Score. According to ICO Reviews this is our secret rocket fuel. As is widely known, market sentiment plays a vital role in defining the direction of crypto market movements. Capitalizing upon Sentiment Score gives CrowdIF a superpower and allows it to consistently outperform market with better results than using the conventional techniques.

About The Project

Every once in a while, an extraordinary idea is born. Something that’s completely new, something that’s truly unique.

For such ideas to flourish, what’s required is a fresh perspective; a new way of looking at things. In business terms, this is what is called disruptive innovation. CrowdIF is a fine example of this very disruptive innovation.

According to ICO Reviews they took up a simple question, but one with a very explosive potential: How to maximize trading profitability in Crypto Currency markets.

Given how high-value this question is, a lot of smart people and companies across the world are trying to solve this challenge. The key difference, however is that instead of looking at the existing approaches, we decided to answer this question in a completely new era.

The CrowdIF Process

According to ICO Views the Collective Intelligence of Crowd is harnessed by following a four step process-

  1. High Quality Data Aggregation– The system aggregates huge amounts of real-time data from all across the internet using advanced crawling and scraping algorithms. We also seek help from our users in our data aggregation efforts. The users who contribute to this process are rewarded with CIFcoins.
  2. Realtime Sentiment Analysis- We use some sophisticated cutting-edge techniques like Natural Language Processing with advanced mathematical modelling to perform real-time sentiment analysis on what’s HOT and what’s NOT. This analysis gives us our proprietary “Sentiment Score” which is our secret rocket fuel.
  3. Accurate Price Predictions-The sentiment analysis results are combined with all other market signals to make price movement predictions with unprecedented accuracy.
  4. Insight based Trading– Our smart trading algorithms use the insights generated above to trade 24×7 across multiple Crypto Currency markets around the globe.

CIF Tokens Specification

Besides the trading engine, CrowdIF is also launching a Block Chain based crypto token – The CIFcoin.

1.To function as a medium of value exchange for all transactions happening on the CrowdIF platform.

2.To act as an index of users’ portfolio on CrowdIF platform.

3.To reward the users who help CrowdIF in its data aggregation efforts.

4.To reward the beneficiaries of our various other bounty programs.

CIF Token Distribution

Total tokens available for ICO = 16.6 million (40% of the total supply)

ICO Round 1
Token Price: 0.80$ – 1.25$
Tokens available for sale: 1,600,000
ICO Round 2
Token Price: 1.26$ – 1.50$
Tokens available for sale: 5,000,000
ICO Round 3
Token Price: 1.51$-2.00$
Tokens available for sale: 10,000,000

Minimum purchase = 70$
Soft Cap = $4,500,000
Hard Cap = $26,015,000
Token distribution
100% = 41,500,000
For sale during ICO period – 40% = 16,600,000
Company reserve – 15% = 6225000
Bounty Programs – 6% = 2490000
ESOPs – 4% =1660000
Planned slow emission over the next 10 years – 35% =14525000

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