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Coinsecure India got hacked, $3 million worth of Bitcoin missing

Coinsecure India got hacked
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Coinsecure Hacked – Most often people think that exchanges are safe place to store their crypto currency, but according to recent experience and news it has been proven false. A weakness in Coinsecure exchange resulted with the loss of over 3 million dollars worth of bitcoin. Coinsecure India is one of the largest crypto currency based exchange in India. With the immediate effect on Friday 13 Apr, 2018 Coinsecure has filed FIR (First Information Report) with police, doubting their own Chief Scientific Officer suspected to be responsible for the theft. Coinsecure officially accepts the hacking news is correct and termed as a Coinsecure Hacked.

Nearly 438 Bitcoin Hacked From Coinsecure India

On Coinsecure India website, they have mentioned details of the incident to general public and for their user explaining what might have happened. You can take a look at the reports here

Clipping the screenshot for reference:

coinsecure hacked

With this incident, Coinsecure has broke the trust of users and is proven to be no more “Secure” to store Coins. This will going to impact very huge loss for the business of Coinsecure India.

We wish the best for the Coinsecure to recover the funds, and credit it back to all users of Coinsecure.

Coinsecure Promised biggest reward to informer

Recently with the process of finding the bitcoin theif, Coinsecure has also announced the bounty reward worth of $300K (~2 cr. INR) anyone who helps finding the person who hacked Coinsecure.

With this reward, coinsecure also gives promises to recover valuable finds of their customers with the crypto wallet. 11000 customers were affected for the incident and might have lost their funds in coinsecure wallet. With this news, we also have one good news about increasing price of bitcoin with this blog.


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