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Coincheck Removes XMR, ZEC, REP and DASH – Delisted altcoins

Coincheck Removes XMR, ZEC, REP and DASH
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Coincheck Removes XMR, ZEC, REP and DASH – Japanese Bitcoin Wallet removes three Privacy Coins.  The four Crypto Currencies will be delisted on June 18-2018. The reports were in discussion and decision since March-2018.

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Coincheck Delisted Altcoins – XMR, ZEC, REP and DASH

The leading Crypto Currency Exchange in Asia-Coin Check emphasized by adding that the target Currencies – XMR, ZEC, DASH, and REP held on the discontinued data will be sold at the market price and converted in Japanese Yen.

Hacked Crypto Exchange Coin-Check confirms the removal of Four Altcoins from trading. These are privacy oriented Crypto Coin namely- Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Das and Augur (REP), Cointelegraph Japan.

Operations Become Shut Down In Japan

According to the blog -In complying with the Financial Service Authority order the exchange says it is “drastically reviewing” its internal control and management control systems, as well as rethinking its “management strategy that thoroughly protects customers,” the announcement reads, adding that it is necessary to further develop and strengthen the Management System of AML/CFT- Anti Money Laundering/ Counter-Terrorist Financing in the future.

A part of FSA in Japan, Tokyo has played a major part in suspending all the withdrawals of inappropriate transfer of $532 mln worth of NEM in the month of January – 2018, Friday. This Coin- Check is among Japan’s Largest Exchanges which has restricted all operations such as sales, purchase of all forms of Crypto- Coins and Fiat.

The FSA strongly requests money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures not only for Coin Check but also for other virtual currency exchange operators.

The losses of the NEM Crypto Currency – A distributed Ledger Block-Chain Technology -in the Coin Check incident were the largest ever in the Violations of security and privacy.

Strategic Planning Methodology Now In Exchange

2, 60,000 of its customers affected would be compensated for $422 million in cash

The Coin Check Exchange has now been acquired by Monex Group a Financial Services company based in Tokyo.

  • After delisting the above Crypto Currencies Coin Check will continue to support BTC, ETH, ETC, LSK, FCT, BCH, XRP, XEM, and LTC. These Virtual Coins are very easy to trace.
  • The Transactions of these Virtual Coins are faster.
  • These Crypto Currency are most valuable and important in the world.
  • They are doing to resume and bring operations normally as soon as possible.

Win Big In US-US Expansion with Yen Coin

Recently it was in News that Coin Check revealed plans to expand the exchange to the U.S.

Coin- Check is the Japanese Crypto Trading Platform. They are palling to offer services to US Market. Interestingly a new innovation is added. With the proper studies and analysis have done now the legal framework for Crypto Currencies in the US the Japanese exchange Coin-Check is planning to expand its operations and its customer base in America.