Winnipeg Shoegazers Juniper Bush Are Delightfully Dark on ‘Healing Through a Sonic Figure’ (News or Reviews)

As originally published by Alisha Mughal on Exclaim!Juniper trees look like petrified clouds, shocks of green with branches all reaching towards the sky, but they're short and close to the ground, like landlocked fog. Winnipeg shoegaze band Juniper Bush contain this contradiction, too. In their latest album, Healing Through a…Read More

Caustic Wound Burst Out of the Gate on Debut ‘Death Posture’ (News or Reviews)

As originally published by Brayden Turenne on Exclaim!Like a gibbering psychopath with an intent to harm, freshly formed Caustic Wound have finally been let loose with their debut full-length. Death Posture reflects different, yet still unflinchingly hateful aspects of members from Mortiferum, Fetid and Cerebral Rot as they take their zombified riffs…Read More
RJD2 The Fun Ones (News or Reviews)

RJD2 The Fun Ones (News or Reviews)

The Fun Ones Score:5 With the dawn of CDs came the birth of the record-digging compilation, bringing obscure '70s funk and R&B to the surface while inspiring artists like Fatboy Slim, the Roots and the Beastie Boys in the process. Three decades later, Ramble Jon Krohn (a.k.a. RJD2) lays down an approximation…Read More