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Cambridge Analytica planning Initial Coin Offering – Facebook-affiliated

Cambridge-Analytica ICO
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Cambridge Analytica ICO (Facebook affiliated) is planning to run their own Initial Coin Offerings– Always there is something new happening Cambridge Universities which is to start new Coin. As The University’s Mission is to contribute to society through pursuit of education, INSTANTLY this renowned Institution agrees to begin new Coins soon, maybe upcoming months. It’s said as “Initial Coin Offering”. The London-headquartered data mining firm responsible for the latest Facebook privacy scandal.

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ICO is going to undertake this new investment by a Fund System for storing and selling personal data and advertisers.ICO – Initial Coin Offering- which is an unregulated ways by which funds are raised in Crypto Currency. This is used by constitution to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks.

What is Privacy Dystopia – A mutual Community sharing common Trust and interest.This essentially entails the free flow of information, transparency and as human beings we probably agree that. Thus ICO is stared to secure the personal data and advertisers. As the Cambridge University has become in Public Interest thus, the Provisions and efforts of them are kept on HOLD.

  • Brittaney Kaiser who is a Co- Founder of Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA) and Buneo Capital Asked the former ministers – “why not build a platform that reconstructs the way that works?”As nobody knows about the usage of personal data than Cambridge Analytic.
  • Mr. Jill Carlson is an independent advisor, investor and trader and he is Blockchain Enthusiast. He started trading in year 2011 and become famous since then. He once visited the Cambridge University and bring us to awareness and attentionthat the company was in sharp contradictions with the ideals of openness and transparency. Therefore, he participated and ventured in Bitcoin.
  • The whole operations/steps and actions will help government to control and private corporate control over individuals.
  • This is however a systematic series of mechanized or chemical operations that are performed in Bitcoin and new Coins. This is heading towards Dytopian Way and Process.
  • It came in NEW YORK TIMES that According to the casino gamblers-“The Token is associated with Wan Kuok-koi a famous gangster in Macau who has gone by the nickname Broken Tooth.”
  • Before this was happened to secure online privacy solution and now this modern announces to provide sound understanding of ICO also.Considerably this will increase and mature soon, may be in upcoming Months.
  • This Cambridge Analytica also attempted to assist and promote Dragon Coins which is Mobile Video Game published by Sega and Android Devices.This is sometimes also known as Silver Coins.The Dragon Coins was successful in Japan, but was not as well received in Western region of the Country.