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Buwa Olu

There’s a confident aura that surrounds Vancouver-based Buwa’s Olu EP; it belies the fact that the Nigerian-Canadian singer-songwriter, actor and poet is an emerging artist.
The six-track Olu is his musical influences laid bare: the bold, anthemic pop swell of “The Show” kicks things off with a ceremonial flair; tracks like the ballad “Circles,” the soul fusion of “Dance with Me” and Afro-bop of “Want Me,” and the jazzy expanse of “Eminlo” reveal an artist that is on to something.
Working with Nigerian-based producer SizzlePRO, there’s an undeniable polish in play. Six tracks aren’t a lot to definitively rate Buwa as one to watch but there’s enough here to be curious about the next musical endeavour. (Independent)

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