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Brave Browser Cryptocurrency reached 5 Million Downloads

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Brave Browser Cryptocurrency reached 5 Million Downloads, a browser powered by Cryptocurrency.  Crypto Currency-powered web browser Brave has now been downloaded more than five million times from the Google Play mobile app store.

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Brave Browser Cryptocurrency ICO

Brave raised $36 million in just 30 seconds during the start-up’s May 2017 initial coin offering (ICO). At the time, it was the highest-grossing ICO ever held, though this figure has since been surpassed by dozens of projects — including one that raised $1.7 billion from fewer than 200 investors.

Brendan Eich, founder, president Explains on an Official Announcement.

  • Ad-Blocking Browser is a customized web browser which is not easy to use.
  • Focusing on Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs, Block-Chain Technology and smart contracts.
  • The ad-blocking browser, which was co-founded by Mozilla Firefox creator Brendan Eich, reached this significant milestone last Thursday, just six months after crossing the one million download threshold.
  • The browser is also giving attention to their favorite YouTube using basis attention tokens.
  • This browser was designed in a solution Brave to improve browsing speed.
  • Eich is working on better advertisements which are kept private at the moment.
  • The famous American Technologist do not want to work with the prominent social media namely Facebook and Twitter. In accordance to Eich, these platforms are the biggest companies which has seen highest exploitations.
  • The stupendous growth has come on the heels of several high profile partnerships as Brave charges a 5% fee for its payment service to help maintain the platform, but the other 95% goes directly to the creator.

Browse Faster with Blocking Ads.

Senior vice president at Barron’s Daniel Bernard is very much positive and confident about the partnership and said it “exciting and innovative step for Dow Jones Media Group.

This is entirely a new partnership. Dow Jones Media Group– an American Publishing Firm has joined hands and came in partnerships with Brave Block-Chain. This software is a privacy-oriented web browser. Dow Jones Media Group and the partner-Brave will be testing a number of innovative solutions.

Truly important that since the Brave browser blocks ads by default, users can reward publishers for producing quality content with the platform’s Basic Attention Token (BAT). YouTube creators and Twitch streamers can also register to become publishers, enabling them to earn a much larger percentage of the revenue than through conventional ad-based models.

Eventually, Brave plans to allow users to opt-in to non-intrusive advertising that is native to the browser. In exchange, they will receive a portion of the revenue, paid out in BAT and automatically converted into their local currency.

At times it comes as:

But new Brave browser that promises to give you better and safer Browsing Experience by Blocking Ads. The latest effort by Brave to promote their browser as such that can promote the Brave browser to their readers and possibly get some more tokens in return if the users keep using the software.

In the Future – Crypto Mining Blog- Great Thing in Business-This approach will never let them down.Brave has seen strong growth of new users and creator