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Dubai arrested suspect of $1.9 million bitcoin theft

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Bitcoin theft dubai are not limited to cyber cell only now a days. They have reached to Bitcoin Robberies. There was big gang-band of ten individuals declared and apparent to have stolen Dh7 million approx. $1.9 million.

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Bitcoin theft Dubai arrested suspect

Big gang-band were brutally armed in involving to purchase the Bitcoins. authorities and Police said on Saturday, April 28 said that the Dubai Police have recuperate 7 million and detained/seizeda ten-member gang who has swindle the two Asian brothers interested to buy Bitcoin. Six members of the gang met the victims while the others stayed outside. The robbers had been successful in taking the money of the two Asian men, but to their luck went in wage when Dubai Police quickly arrested them and detained for the Fraud. The whole procedures takes 48 hours to send the accused behind the Dubai Bars.

Police were alerted about an armed robbery in the Al Muraqabbat area on Wednesday, April 25. Dubai Police director Adel Al Joker said that the brothers searched randomly in the market to buy Bitcoin,” revealed Criminal Investigation Department (CID). They found guilty, arrested and prisoned in Al Muraqqabat located in United Arab Emirates.

According to the detailsMuraqqabat sometimes spelled Al Muraqabat is place where the head of the of 10 people and suspects their own shop. These criminals first of all build confidence of them and lured the two Brothers completely to buy the Bitcoins. They asked them to trade in Trading open source Market.

Prior with speaking with the two brothers at Dubai were scrutinising about the Market and interested in trading before they met the gang of 10 Suspects. After eventually, the gang physically attacked the two brothers and pressurize them, locked them inside the office and escaped with the handful of money. Some gang members were inside the shop robbing and others were outside the shop.

The above mentioned indications were given by Lt. Col. Al Joker and revealed to Gulf News as they two brothers were struck and plunder at gunpoint.The swift arrests were possible thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and ‘smart programmes’, according to Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief for criminal investigation affairs at Dubai Police.

Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs have given compliments and appreciated the Dubai Investigating team. They even said that the data analysis centre used smart programme and artificial intelligence technology to track down the gang and arrest them in record.

Police identified the Gulf national and arrest him in a neighboring emirate