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Bitcoin price is on fire, 30 minutes of green candle burned bitcoin price higher

Bitcoin raised $1000 in just 30 minutes
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Bitcoin Price Prediction – On this Thursday 12th April, 2018, Bitcoin took positive move of nearly +19% in bitcoin price up to $8010 on exchanges. It recorded $1.2 billion trade volume by the time. Everyone got happier at all around the world, they got smile on their face seeing the bitcoin price because since last 3 months bitcoin is much lower than the expected price.

Though fall-back by many rumors from famous people, Bitcoin struggling hard to keep place in investors heart. Many business routines are depended on Bitcoin nowadays ranging from white hat businesses to dark-world businesses. Bitcoin Price is about to move positive with this effect.

Cause for Bitcoin Price Movement

IPL - Bitcoin Price EffectMany expert from India says that price movement is because of betting on IPL (Indian Premier League) IPL is very much famous in almost all Asian countries. Billions of people watch IPL cricket and play bet on the game. Since betting is illegal in India and many countries, people have started betting with crypto currencies, which includes Bitcoin as well.

People buy bitcoin to deposit money in their betting wallet and place bet, such huge demands from billions of people its price got affected.

IPL is scheduled to run for another 2 months and of-course its price will keep going up, so this is very good news for all Bitcoin holders and other crypto currency holder. As almost all other 99% crypto currencies, they all depend on Bitcoin market price and market capital, they will all get benefit.

Stay Alerted from Bitcoin Scammers

In this hot market of Bitcoin and Crypto currency, many people have taken short-cut way to earn money by making fraud in Bitcoin trade with fake offers. One recent example we would like to share here:

MyEtherWallet Crypto Scam

On the other hand, its not safe to trust any exchange for long term storing cryptos. Because recently one of the famouse Indian Exchange – Coinsecure has lost $3 million worth of bitcoins.

Happy Trading Bitcoin!

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