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BCH Blockchain Trainning Funded by Coingeek

Bitcoin Cash Coingeek
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BCH – Bitcoin Cash is booming since last week. According to latest bitcoin cash news coingeek has funded development of Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. That is affecting bitcoin cash price in recent days.

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What is Coingeek? Do you know what Coingeek is?

  • This is an Ancient Coin which can certainly be separated into four periods. The Greek cities continued to produce their own coins for several more centuries under Roman rule. All Greek coins were handmade, rather than machined as modern coins are. The design of the reverse was carved into a similar punch.
  • Collections of ancient Greek coins are held by museums around the world.

According to the 2018 Reports estimates of International Monetary Fund Philippines has the world’s Largest 34 economy. The Currency is Philippine peso. Because the per capita GDP in the Philippines is $7, 35 and is below any accepted minimum for developed country status in Year 2016, Henceforth the Coingreekfunded in Training Programmes.


Mr. Calvin Arye, a Canadian –Antiguan Entrepreneur and the founder of the Ayre Group and Bodog entertainment brand proclaimed and circulated his contributing over $150,000 USD to help fund a blockchain developer training program in the Philippines. This will allow the strong growth of the Philippines‘ economy and the government to prioritize domestic law-and-order issues over economic policy concerns. This even serves in low-fee peer-to-peer digital currency known as bitcoin and more Globalization in World..Bitcoin is said to be as PEER-PEER DIGITAL CURRENCY. Thus Calvin Aryre made his full success and made him Billionaire.

  • The Project also strengthen Bitcoin Trading. He has been funding alot in research and development for BitcoinBlockchain – BCH. This Bitcoin Block-chain has however joined many list of flying Crypto Currencies.
  • Bitcoin has recently entered in tokenize Bitcoin cash (BCH) .More than 50 Team have entered which help in “cornerstone of a globally distributed economy.”
  • Nchain Group – This helps in growing and developing this Parameters too. This is actually pleased to announce the appointment of Jimmy Nguyenas Chief Executive Officer. The mission of is to enable massive growth of the Bitcoin network – focusing on Bitcoin Cash as the true Bitcoin – and thus create dramatic increase in the value of Bitcoin Cash for everyone’s benefit.
  • Matthews remarks –“ThenChain Group’s business activities are rapidly expanding, making this the perfect time for Jimmy to assume leadership of our global organization while I continue providing strategic oversight as Board Chairman. Jimmy is a unique talent who has successfully covered a wide portfolio of responsibilities – including our intellectual property program, corporate communications, legal, business development, and investment opportunities”.
  • Coingeek Said that it’s important to train more developers to work in blockchain technology, because experienced blockchain developers are in short supply.
  • This ancient Cojngreek is also required to fund the StacklabBlockchain Training Program in Philippines which will help in creating and fabricating second largest IT Outsourcing region worldwide. The first Stacklab training program with Coingeek will be held in the city of Iloilo.
  • Coingrrek also signatures on the Training Programs and coding of Bticon – BCH. This will be an additional features that enhance BCH further still.
  • The organizers explain that challengers need to design a system that enables to securely create, issue, redeem of stakelab curriculum Program which is Stacktrek Enterprise subsidiary to create next and best generating in Philippines. The Lab at the University of Molise is dedicated to advancing the state of the art in software engineering and knowledge engineering