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The cryptocurrency market is fueled by news whether that news is good or bad. That means that savvy investors tend to keep their eyes and ears open for anything interesting that’s coming down the pipeline. There are lots of ways to do this, and thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to get clued in on these kinds of updates.

You could try keeping tabs on Discord or Telegram channels for your favorite coins, or you could even utilize a cryptocurrency analysis site like to find out more about crypto trends! In this article though we’re going to give you a couple of freebies. These coins or tokens have some hot news coming in the near future, and investors would be wise to pay attention.


This company was just selected as one of Forbes 50 most promising Chinese companies. They are a decentralized application platform providing enterprise level solutions to their corporate clients. This includes functionality such as corporate side chains, multi-layered smart contracts, and the ability to connect these dapps to outside information sources.

They’ve also partnered with the Shanghai Data Exchange Corporation, a big data provider backed by the Chinese government. They will be releasing information on how investors can acquire a super node on their network this month.


This asset was originally created on the Ethereumblockchain and issued as an ERC20 token. As of this month, they are preparing to migrate to their own chain. If you are somehow unaware of Tron, they are a blockchain network that offers high transaction processing capabilities.

It will act as a decentralized content storage network for creators. This project has long been criticized for having nothing even resembling a working product, but that could very soon change. The super representatives for the Tron network will also be elected in June as well.


Digibyte will be experiencing a hard fork this month. This is not the kind of fork that will get you any free coins, but it’ll probably stir some excitement around the project anyway. This is an algorithm adjustment that is meant to keep the coin GPU miner-friendly, and to keep dreaded ASIC miners from taking over the network.

The DGB team also has some other cool updates coming down the pipeline, and this long-lived currency may finally get some attention for their efforts. Digibyte is a fast and secure alternative currency that is focusing its updates on those that would make it more user-friendly than other options like Bitcoin.


Adcoin will be releasing the 2.0 version of their advertising platform this month which comes with a bunch of new features. Other releases for this month include a WordPress plugin and a payment gateway for Drupal to make it easier for publishers to integrate the site’s features into their platform.

Adcoin is a cryptocurrency based advertising network that connects publishers and advertisers. They cut out middlemen like Google and allow both parties to get a better deal. Publishers make more money and advertisers get a better return on their investment.


Vechain will be releasing their mainnet this month. This project is a smart contract based platform that is targeted at inventory management. Their platform will allow users to more efficiently manage their logistics. The project has announced several partnerships, including one with BMW’s startup garage. After the mainnet launch investors will also be able to begin earning THOR as part of their staking rewards as well.

This is just a small sampling of the news items that will be coming into being this month. If you’re interested in finding out about more opportunities like these then it would be wise to find a cryptocurrency events site to follow. Many of these not only give you a calendar of events to follow, but you can also sort by the news category.

For example, if you wanted to learn when coins or tokens were expecting to earn a highly coveted exchange listing, it’s easy to filter for that information. Always remember to do your own research about a project, and don’t put everything on one bet. News can easily send coins downward as well as up.

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